Concrete Scanning & Concrete Imaging (like Concrete X-ray) using Ground Penetrating Radar in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia

GPR & Concrete Imaging

Ground Penetrating Radar in the DC Metro Area

GPR Concrete Scanning Imaging Washington DC Virginia Maryland

We, Innovative Global Enterprise Inc., are a concrete scanning company located in the Washington DC metropolitan area. We service all areas of Maryland, Washington DC and northern Virginia. We use the most innovative technology in portable concrete scanning Ė ground penetrating radar or GPR.


Prior to saw cutting, core drilling or anchoring into a concrete structure, itís important to have as much information as possible of what is buried beneath the surface. We can access the information needed by utilizing the proper GPR & Radio Detection technology. Starting a drilling project without doing a GPR scan can lead to hitting a live electrical conduit and shutting out power. GPR is an important tool to help ensure the safety of all workers involved in a project. Or you might cut post tension cables and steel reinforcements jeopardizing the structural integrity of the building. This could cost you your time, money, safety and reputation. We are so accurate that we eliminate 95% of hits and allow you to work faster and more efficiently. A typical hit costs more than a survey. Adding a GPR scan will keep your project on time and under budget.


GPR equipment transmits and receives radar waves to detect different material in concrete slabs, floors and walls. These changes can be voids, reinforcing bars, underground utilities, metal or plastic, conduits or any other items you want to avoid. Once the concrete scanning is completed, we process the data and quickly turn around a full digital report within 48 hours. These reports are easy to review and share with the rest of your team.


We work with your schedule. We are able to survey during off hours and unlike Concrete X-ray technology we donít require evacuation of your site. With multiple radars and technicians we get the job done fast while providing real time results. We have performed thousands of scans on hundreds of projects. You can rest assured that you are working with the best GPR Concrete scanning company in Washington DC.

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GPR Concrete Scanning Washington DC Virginia Maryland

Next day service

With competitive prices

We are available to work regular hours and after hours and weekends with prior scheduling. Our in-house engineer processes GPR data and quickly turns around a report.

GPR Concrete Scanning Washington DC Virginia Maryland


Contract rates & Day rates

Our business model supports low overheads which mean low cost to you. Although we offer low prices, we perform the highest quality of work.

$475=half-day | $950=full-day

GPR Concrete Scanning Washington DC Virginia Maryland

Skilled Technicians

Engineer processed reports

Multiple equipment, multiple antennae and multiple technicians give us an edge over our competitors. We have performed thousands of scans on hundreds of projects.

GPR & other auxillary services

Maryland | Virginia | Washington DC | Pennsylvania

GPR Concrete Scanning Washington DC Virginia Maryland

Concrete Scanning

w/ Ground Penetrating Radar

Our concrete scanning company utilizes ground penetrating radar (GPR) to see through asphalt and concrete structures and detect subsurface objects.

GPR Concrete Scanning Washington DC Virginia Maryland

Utility Location

Underground Water, Sewer, Fiber Optic, Electric, Gas Lines

Utility location is the process of identifying and labeling public utility mains which are underground.

GPR Concrete Scanning Imaging X-ray Washington DC Virginia Maryland

Concrete X-ray


Radiography or Concrete X-ray is also used to determine concrete contents prior to core drilling and sawcutting.